About studio

The Studio has been on the market for 10 years. Our “first fruits” were design concepts for apartments and houses and landscape sketches.

As time passed, we developed more complicated projects, more interesting buildings, and beside designing, we got expertise in architecture, large-scale reconstructions, and industrial design concepts. It asked for extra competence and challenged us to build a talented team. Further events proved that we are reliable enough to lead a project from its conception to final completion, including architecture and design development, construction and decoration. We are proud to have developed and built houses in Ukraine and abroad, satisfying their owners. Our team members keep a close watch on all current changes in the construction services market, attend seminars and exhibitions.

Entrusting us to lead your project means getting a result that will exceed all your expectations.

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Almost 7,6 billion people live in the world. Every person from this global community is an individual, with his or her own sense of aesthetics and comfort. It might be a personal living space, a working or business space, an industrial object, but whatever the case, most delicate individual preferences and visions of the customer must be taken into account.

Some people need just a palm-leaf shelter, while others want to watch the sunset from the terrace of their mountain house, and others prefer urbanism and living in the concrete jungle. As impossible it is to find two identical snowflakes, it is impossible to find two identical personalities.

We are blessed to work with every client individually to open their uniqueness in a project. We make a small “copy” of a customer’s character and soul and paste it during the implementation of the conception, adding our knowledge and experience as a dressing to the main dish.

Julia Chulska, CEO


An architectural design is like a symphony uniting various instrumental parts. Each family member’s wishes, building plot location, elevation difference, general concept, style - all these factors make every project unique and extraordinary. The architect and his team reminds a director and his band: their task is to mix all components in a way to receive an artwork where functionality and aesthetics are ideally balanced. It is essential to get over fears and give rein to imagination - and the boldest dreams will come true.

A design process starts with the main idea, which is like a thread holding beats of a necklace. The client chooses a style, tells what inspires him or her, describes his or her vision of the future site look. Our designer elaborates all details, suggests additional variants not mentioned by the client but congruent with the project framework. The design concept develops, becomes more distinct, and eventually the client receives an interior visualization and engineering sketches.

Landscape design versatility pushes the boundaries. A regular park, a cereal field, urbanism or eclecticism - everything has the right to life. The style selected by a client becomes a ground for a specialist to choose specific plants, arrange necessary support facilities, develop a watering system, energy supply system, “Smart House” system etc. We also choose materials for the fence, dwarf walls, alleys for people and pathways for cars. Our main goal is to consider all future needs of a household and lay its engineering foundation.

There is a long way from an architecture or design concept to a finished project. Some deviations to the project design might occur during the construction process, the list of materials might change as some are taken out of production or new solutions enter the market. But it is necessary to follow the principles, standards, and measurements approved by the client. In this case it is reasonable to employ a designer supervision service, so that the project image is implemented as detailed a possible.

In an ideal scenario the project should be implemented by its developer. This is a way to avoid deviations due to misunderstandings between supervisors and constructors. We have accumulated huge experience in new buildings construction and reconstruction of existing sites. The work is performed by single-skilled experts. It is unacceptable when an electrician wallpapers a room or a plumber develops structural concepts. We give guarantee for the quality of all our works according to their type.