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Ten years ago, we were united by the belief that design is a space for a comfortable and happy life and not just beautiful pictures. Everyone uses this space in their own way, so everyone should also have their own design.
First, we embodied these ideas in the apartments' and houses' design projects, in the landscapes' schematic drawings. Then the vision was transferred to architectural orders, which depicted the owners' character. We conquered space to the residents' rhythm, habits, and lifestyle.
Our requirements for the result grew and we began to abandon the contractors. We were joined by designers, engineers, and builders who shared the same views. Therefore, now we control the entire process from creating an idea to the last paint application.
Over the years, our customers have received not just dozens of architectural and design projects, they have received their own space, for a life that suits them and that they like.

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The joy of meeting friends, appeasement after a hard day, the laughter of children during the game can not be measured by square meters and furniture size. During construction and technical solutions, it is easy to forget about what the house will be for you. Beautiful images are easily perceived, but life is not a static picture.
Life is dynamic. When you have a party at home, your house is a club. Business partners will come to you tomorrow and your home will turn into an office. When children run around in it, the house is a playground. And the design should reflect your lifestyle, be sophisticated no matter how you change its purpose.
It should take care of you and your loved ones, make life easier, make you and your family happy. With this in mind, we begin the project and present it.

Julia Chulska, CEO


Not every building can become a home. After all, a house is a place that reflects the residents' ideas, tastes, habits, and character. Our architectural projects consider all the details to form the place of your power and resource. Where architecture does not destroy but interacts with the landscape. Where the walls do not disconnect but create comfort. Where space seeks creativity and leaves room for imagination.

Our studio's main passion is to create an intelligent design. It loves creativity and movement. It retains its beauty even when you use it in different ways and make changes. It does not require a lot of attention, but it takes care and helps you: economizing, thinking about security, and maintaining comfort.

Your home - your rules. If you want the tropics in temperate latitudes, a water source in the dry steppe, a French park, or a Japanese garden in the courtyard near Kyiv, we will do it. We select plants, place auxiliary facilities, and design watering and heating systems. We take care of the fence, paths for people, and the car's arrival.

Like a fly in the ointment, there could be some misunderstandings or understatements with the contractor. To realize the idea as accurately as possible, our designers and architects can adjust and track the implementation. You should get the result that you expect.

When there are miscalculations in the embodiment, the contractors dump the flaws on the designers and the designers on the contractors. We root for your home and not for an easy way out of the project. Therefore, we take responsibility: we embody ideas with the hands of our experts and provide a guarantee for all types of work.


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